Reassessing My Priorities 


As a radical feminist and social justice advocate, I have been thinking about my values and where I want to put my energy during the last quarter of my life. I have narrowed it down to six priorities.

Ending income, education and health inequalities across race, class and gender lines on an individual, institutional and cultural level

Promoting equality for women and people of color in all aspects of their public and private lives

Ending racism in all it’s manifestations from hate speech, to stopping white supremacist organizations, to police and individual acts of violence, to the mass incarceration of Black men and women.

Ending violence against women in all of its forms from sexual harassment to rape and domestic violence, to prostitution and pornography.

Protecting the environment by taking individual responsibility for my consumption to supporting environmental protection organizations and laws

Protecting animal rights by reducing my consumption of animals products to supporting animal to ending the use of animals for human entertainment or display in zoos to ending big game trophy hunting.

I’m creating an action agenda to hold myself accountable for being part of the change I want to see in our world and will be blogging about it and my progress. I know that this is not something an individual can carry out in solitude. It requires both divesting ourselves of privilege and taking action with constituent-led organizations. My action plan will include both strategies.

What is important to you and what will you do promote social justice?

photo credit: Knobs via photopin (license)

2 thoughts on “Reassessing My Priorities 

  1. Have you watched Earthlings and Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret?? The both highlight a couple things you mentions and are amazing documentaries. Can be watched through the websites (the latter costs $10 but is so worth it!) 🙂


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